About Sophie

Educator, Youth Engagement Researcher, & Child Rights Advocate

Sophie Biddle has delighted in bringing young people’s voices into academic and policy discussions. She holds degrees in Sociology and Elementary Science Education from Portland State University, and is currently a professional development specialist at Cultivate Learning at the University of Washington.

Sophie has over a decade of experience working directly with young people in a variety of settings from nannying, teaching at a democratic free school, and facilitating community based research projects. Most recently, Sophie lead the creation of Cultivate Learning’s Youth Advisory Committee. She is passionate about co-creating systems and spaces for young people, with young people.

In 2017, Sophie published her undergraduate thesis “Billy Gryphen’s House and Other Important Places: The Children’s Geography of the Arcadia Neighborhood” where she argued for young people’s inclusion in urban planning policy. She presented this paper at the 5th International Conference on the Geographies of Children, Youth, and Families in the United Kingdom.

Sophie continues to advocate for young people and support adults in their efforts to authentically show up for children.

Sophie's headshot. She is smiling in front of a wood paneled wall.
Sophie Biddle

You can contact Sophie via email: skbiddle@gmail.com